Nori is a Brand Incubator for Celebrities. We build Celebrity branded products. Nori provides funding, ideas and concept to help celebrities build and grow their businesses and brands. We develop and design lifestyle products for Celebrities. Besides manufacturing, we handle all the supply chain, inbound and outbound chats, customers service, fulfilment and financial management for the celebrities. Nori helps to enhance and expand the celebrities’ Brand by partnering with malls, marketplaces, 3rd party products, affiliate marketing and media. Nori sells through Omnichannels, online & offline. We promote actively through all online and social media platforms. Our vision is to create Brands where all celebrities can build and grow their names and images. Our vision is to make ... "Nori - The Brand Incubator for Celebrities"

We believe simple things are much easier to execute. Our business model is so simple that you just need a few minutes to understand. As we progress, we want every customer to benefit from the premium products that we have developed and share with their loves one.

Our Philosophy Make It Simple VISIONOur vision is to develop premium quality products at an affordable price. MISSIONTo create a more healthy and prosper society.

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