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Combo Set Paris Edp 30ml + London Edp 30ml by Eyra

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Basic Constitution: 

1 x London Edp Parfum 30ml

Fragrance Notes: Fresh green sweet floral, ambery, woody base.

Top Notes: Rose, Bergamot, Ozone, Fruity, Green.

Middle Notes: Rose, Magnolia, Muguet, Mimosa, Violet, Iris

Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Cedar, Vetiver


1 x Paris Edp Parfum 30ml

Fragrance Notes: Oriental - Floral

Top Notes: Prune, Ozone, Mandarin, Pink Pepper

Middle Notes: Rose, Lilac, Cassis, Chamomile

Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Perfumes Do’s & Don’ts:

• Apply right after you shower onto dry skin. The shower cleanses your body of any other scents and opens your pores, which helps the scent absorb. Completely dry your skin and then spray.

• Hold the spray bottle 3–6 inches from your body. If you hold the bottle any closer you risk over-applying; any further and you will likely under-apply.

• Apply perfume to heated areas of your body. The heat helps diffuse the scent throughout the day and allows it to meld with your body chemistry to develop your signature scent. Heated areas include your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms or inner elbows.

• Start with a light application. Choose one area and start with one spray. If you notice that your scent fades quickly, choose another area and spray the perfume their next time you apply.

• Re-apply if needed. You may need to re-apply — especially if you are going out in the evening.

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